1-Andro Reviews: My Experience & Insane Results Revealed

1-Andro (aka 1-DHEA or 1-Androsterone) is one of the most effective legal prohormones available today.

It’s the number 1 seller from SteelSupplements, thanks to its ability to boost lean muscle mass and power after just 1 cycle.

1-andro reviews

It’s easily one of the most potent mainstream prohormones on the market right now, with an ability to help users gain up to 8lb of pure muscle within 6 short weeks.

Even better is the fact that it carries little-to-no side effects and is a much healthier option than illegal steroids.

Benefits of 1 Andro

1-Andro is an extremely popular prohormone among bodybuilders who want solid gains without resorting to anabolic steroids.

And there are several good reasons for that. This supplement does the following…

  • Enhances lean muscle mass more effectively than most supplements
  • Increases strength as well as size.
  • Hardens muscle
  • Boosts performance
  • Doesn’t cause water retention
  • Is currently legal (correct at time of publishing – always check for latest info at time of purchase)

In addition to these key benefits, 1-Andro carries very minimal side effects, especially in comparison to some of the other performance-enhancers out there. Personally, I consider the new andro’s to be bodybuilding supplements that work like steroids.

1 Andro Bodybuilding

Essentially, 1-Andro offers the best of both worlds. You can be assured of real results rather than the often disappointing effects of ‘natural’ bodybuilding supplements, but you still don’t have to put up with the heavy side effects of roids.

1-Andro Results

You’re thinking of taking 1-Andro because you want results, right?

So naturally, you’re going to want to know what exactly those results are going to be before you even make the purchase – and who could blame you?

Well we’ve tried 1-Androsterone ourselves, and our experience has been good – very good in fact.

With 1 cycle of 1-Andro, we’ve noticed gains of between 12 and 15lb of solid muscle mass in that time.

The great thing about this is that the gains are exactly that, and not merely water retention. With a good Post Cycle Therapy most of these gains are retained too. For PCT, we advise using Rebirth.

In addition to this, we noticed a huge increase in our strength levels. And seriously, we mean crazy levels! Each and every time we enter the gym when cycling with 1-Andro, we see an increase in the amount we can lift and the length of time we can work out for too.

You may be thinking bigger muscles mean more strength, right?

But that’s not always the case. Some products can leave your muscles looking pumped, but when it comes to strength, well, it’s just not there. A bit like mutton dressed as lamb, if you will.

But with 1-Andro, that’s absolutely not the case at all. It allows you to smash your lean gain goals and your strength goals at the same time.

If size is what matters to you, you won’t ever be disappointed if you take 1-Andro and push yourself hard in the gym every day. Growth is vast and fast. We find our measurements go up week on week on this stuff.

Obviously, you’ve got to keep your diet on track too, but combine hard work, good diet and 1-Andro, and you’ve got a solid recipe for huge gains.

For those of you that want to stack it, consider combining it with Laxogenin.

Side Effects

Although it’s a highly effective prohormone, in our personal experience 1-Andro has never caused us to suffer any noticeable adverse side effects.

However, that’s not to say that some side effects don’t exist – albeit very mild ones.

Others have told us they’ve seen a very slight Testosterone suppression effect when cycling, but they’ve dealt with this by running a PCT following each cycle. One ideal option for this is Rebirth PCT.

Other mild side effects you may experience include back pumps, headaches and increased anxiety. But don’t assume this will happen to you, as it’s certainly not the norm. Many people cycle with 1-Andro on a regular basis and experience no side effects at all.

Another great thing about 1-Andro is that it doesn’t cause any kind of liver toxicity – making it much kinder on your vital organs than other prohormones which were more commonly used before it became available. Superdrol is one example of this.

1-Andro Cycle

For best results, you need to be running this cycle for an absolute minimum of 6 weeks, and a max of 8. For beginners, we never recommend more than 6.

Like any prohormone, you won’t experience results in the first day or 2. You’ll need to give it a good 2 weeks or more before you begin to spot changes happening in your body – but you definitely will!

Steel 1 Andro

The ideal intake of 1-Andro is anything between 100mg – 150mg per day. This product comes with a recommended dosage of 2 x 65mg pills per day, which equates to 130mg in total – spot on for ultimate gains and highly recommended.

Always run a Post cycle therapy (PCT) such as Rebirth PCT after each and every cycle. It contains Arimistane and other ingredients to keep your gains and avoid issues with your Testosterone levels.

Honestly, it’s just not worth skipping this part, as failing to run a PCT is basically like saying goodbye to at least 50% of the muscle you just gained in the past 6 weeks on cycle.

Order it at the same time as 1-Andro to ensure you take your PCT. It’s best to get something like Rebirth because it functions as an estrogen blocker as well.

Best 1 Andro Supplement

In our experience, we would definitely recommend Steel Supplements 1-Andro as the best andro supplement on the market right now.

It’s higher quality, purer and much more effective than a lot of the others available in our personal opinion.

Thanks to its easy 65mg per pill dosage, we find that by taking 2 per day, it allows us to get a good, strong daily dosage without going overboard or taking risks of consuming too much (or too little).

One thing we definitely would recommend is to get your 1-Andro supplements directly from the Steel Supplements website.

This is the only way to know you’re not being drawn into buying fakes which could be ineffective or even dangerous.


A good quality prohormone such as 1-Andro is the perfect compromise if you care for your health too much to subject it to steroids, but you also want better results than those you’d get from other supplements.

One thing to bear in mind is that prohormones are becoming more and more regulated as time progresses.

As such, whilst this product was legal at the time of writing, we can’t guarantee that will remain the case.

Therefore, it’s our recommendation that you check the current situation before buying – and if you do want to buy it, it might just be a good idea to stock up a little!

1-Andro Reviews
  • Effective For Building Quality Muscle - 9/10
  • Increase Power And Strength - 8.7/10
  • Boosts Your Overal Performance - 9/10
  • Muscle Hardening Effects - 8.8/10