Androsurge Review: My Mind-Blowing Experience Revealed

Those of you that have been searching for an effective estrogen blocker have probably stumbled upon a product called Androsurge.

Estrogen blockers are widely used by men to help reduce the production and effects of estrogen.

Reducing estrogen can lead to an increase in testosterone. And as we all know, more testosterone means more muscle and strength gains.

Well, let’s find out if Androsurge is worth using to enhance your physique.

Androsurge by JackedFactory is a supplement that claims to help with blocking estrogen and raising testosterone. 

Besides that, it’s also said to help with improving lean muscle mass, strength, recovery and fat loss.

androsurge reviews

There’s not a lot of supplements that can actually help reduce estrogen effectively. I’m very interested to find out if this product will do so succesfully.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients found in Androsurge to see if it’s really worth using.

Androsurge Ingredients

In androsurge, you’ll find 7 different ingredients in total. 

Vitamin D – 1000 IU
Eurycoma Longifolia – 100mg
DIM (Diindolylmethan) – 150mg
Grape Seed Extract – 150mg
Rhodiola – 125mg
Zinc – 9.5mg
BioPerine – 5mg

It’s a very basic formula with a several key ingredients. The most effective ingredients found in this supplement are DIM and Grape Seed Extract.

DIM (Diindolylmethan) has shown to help reduce estrogen in clinical studies. Grape Seed Extract has also shown to be a natural alternative for lowering estrogen.

Should You Use Androsurge?

After thoroughly researching Androsurge and it’s ingredients, I would say it’s a decent product.

When you use it correctly, you should experience some slight effects. Most people notice an increase in muscle hardening.

But of course, it won’t be nothing crazy. 

I’ve used various different estrogen blockers and testosterone boosters. I have a much better alternative to Androsurge.

I’m talking about Rebirth PCT by Huge Nutrition. It was also designed to help reduce estrogen whilst increasing testosterone and lean muscle mass.

Rebirth PCT has got 10 different high-quality ingredients. For example, it contains Arimistane which is known to succesfully block estrogen.

Besides Arimistane, you’ll also find D-Aspartic Acid which has been shown to increase Testosterone.

Don’t get me wrong, Androsurge will probably work and give results but if I had to give my personal recommendation I would go with Rebirth PCT instead.

Androsurge FAQ

I would say that it takes at least one week for the product to fully kick in. If you’re not seeing any results try Rebirth instead.

One bottle contains 60 capsules. The recommended serving size is 1 capsule per day which means it’ll last for 2 months.

You shouldn’t experience any type of side effects with this product. If you do, immediately discontinue use.

No, Rebirth PCT is a better alternative for post cycle therapy.

Of course, you can definitely stack it with other products. If your goal is to build muscle, try adding in something like Laxogenin.

The Final Verdict

Androsurge is a decent product that contains several key ingredients.

It can probably help with blocking estrogen and raising your Testosterone levels. However, it’s important to use it correctly by sticking to the recommended dosage.

Most users experience muscle hardening and increased energy. Not a lot of people will actually experience an increase in lean muscle mass or strength.

Personally, I’ve had better results with Rebirth mainly due to the fact that it contains more ingredients at a higher dosage. I’ve also used it as a Post Cycle Therapy because it accelerates recovery.