The Best Estrogen Blocker For Men Revealed

When a male has too much of the female hormone called estrogen, he can start experiencing symptoms that can have a huge impact on his quality of life.

The good news is that there are estrogen blockers for men to help and prevent these symptoms.

If you’re looking for an effective and fast acting estrogen blocker, make sure to keep reading.

Let’s start off by looking at what these compounds are and how they work.

Estrogen blockers are compounds that help lower both the production and effects of estrogen in the body.

When you’re a male with high estrogen, you could experience side effects such as gynecomastia (gyno), erectile dysfunction and shrinking muscle mass.

Best estrogen blocker for men

High estrogen can be caused by several conditions. For example, stress and weight gain can have a huge impact on it. 

Obviously, you want to avoid high levels of this female hormone at all times. This is why you should consider using an estrogen blocker.

The Best Estrogen Blocker For Men

You’ve probably stumbled upon a lot of different estrogen blockers whilst doing your research.

I’ll be honest with you guys, there are a lot of products that won’t really do anything when it comes to reducing estro. I mean, I could have put down 10 different products but they won’t help you solve your problem.

It took me a lot of testing and researching. I’ve tried popular products such as Androsurge and many others.

But I’ve finally found the most effective product on the market.

The product I’m about to you show is by far the strongest estrogen blocker for men.

Best estrogen blocker for men

I’m talking about Rebirth by Huge Nutrition. Rebirth is one of the very few supplements out on the market that effectively lowers estrogen whilst increasing testosterone.

For those of you that are struggling with high estrogen levels, I would definitely trying out Rebirth. It’s known for lowering the female hormone within just a few days when used correctly.

The reason why this product is far superior to most estrogen blockers for men is because of the formula.

The key ingredient found in Rebirth is Arimistane, a potent aromatase inhibitor.

Besides Arimistane it also contains several ingredients that have shown promising results when it comes to boosting Testosterone. It’s a great product for reducing estrogen, increasing testosterone and improving muscle mass.

Don’t bother wasting your money on other estrogen blockers for men. Most of them are undosed or lacking important ingredients.

With Rebirth your taking 6 capsules a day – your really getting your money’s worth and you’ll see results within just several days.

Estrogen Blocker Bodybuilding

Estrogen blockers are also very popular amongst bodybuilders. The reason why they use them is to enhance muscle mass, performance and strength.

Besides that, a lot of bodybuilders use performance enhancers such as testosterone that convert into estrogen.

This means they’re going to need an aromatase inhibitor to prevent the levels from getting too high.

They also want to avoid high estrogen levels because of the many side effects such as gyno and water retention.

Estrogen blocker bodybuilding

The to-go estrogen blocker for bodybuilding is Rebirth. As I previously mentioned, it was designed to help lower estrogen whilst boosting testosterone.

Rebirth has 10 scientifically backed ingredients and delivers results fast. The staple ingredient is called Arimistane and is extremely interesting for bodybuilders.

And if you’re looking to gain size and power, a higher testosterone level is crucial. It’ll drastically speed up your progress.

So when you use prohormones, you’ll need a product like this to help you out.

Side Effects

Now that you understand the importancy of estrogen blockers, you’re probably wondering if they have any side effects.

Of course, I can’t speak for every product out there but the ones I have tried were perfectly fine.

To add to this, I have now been using Rebirth for quite a while and have experienced zero side effects. I’m only experiencing the positives – increased muscle mass, energy and libido.

As long as you stick to the recommended dosages of your estrogen blocker you’ll most likely be fine.

If you take too much, you could end up crashing your estrogen. Make sure to stay within the dosage guidelines.

Estrogen Blocker FAQ

It depends, but it is highly recommended to have one on hand in case you start experiencing high estro side effects.

Once you notice the side effects, make sure to immediately start an effective blocker such as Rebirth

If you think you have gyno, it’s important to act fast. Don’t wait another week before you start a blocker.

Personally, I’ve had Arimistane do wonders for me when I thought I was getting gyno. It’s recommended to try Rebirth for gyno.

Most users take them to help reduce estrogen in order to increase testosterone. Testosterone is very important for building muscle, strength and performance.

Simply put, with more testosterone, you’ll grow faster.

Another reason to take them is to simply fight estro related side effects such as gyno and water retention.

You can take it once a day in the morning with a meal. I take Rebirth once a day (6 capsules) with my breakfast.